Computer Science serving Medicine
Software systems for structured documentation and workflow optimization in clinics and hospitals.
Structured reporting
Intuitive medical documentation editor designed with doctors for doctors.
Make sure doctors in your healthcare facility are fully productive
Structured reporting as a way to increase productivity and report quality.
Create medical documentation up to 3 times faster using upmedic.

Quality and speed

List of radiological reporting templates available with upmedic licenses. Frequently used templates: CT Abdomen-Pelvis, CT Peds Head, MR Lumbar Spine, MR Thoracic Spine, MR Lumbosacral Spine, US Thyroid, US Scrotum, MR Hip
Save time by using standardized documents used at each stage of workflow in your healthcare facility: radiological reports, referrals, surveys
Connotations in upmedic's structured radiological reporting editor using can be set on every property. In the image connotations are presented for the template
Mark fragments of a document as crucial for its semantics
forms upmedic
Doctors can create their own forms implementing medical scales and performing useful calculations

Meet the founders

Paweł Paczuski founder of upmedic
Paweł Paczuski
Krzysztof Paczuski founder of upmedic
Krzysztof Paczuski
We constitute an ambitious team targeting with our software currently more than half a million patients. Our products are designed for professionalists with strict deadlines and perfectionist approach to their work. In cooperation with many specialists we created the first piece of software satisfying the need for productivity and maintain the best quality of reporting. Our mutual goal is to decrease the risk of making an error while creating medical documentation quickly by the use of standardized medical nomenclature that is well-known and well-understood in medical world.

Strategic partner

Medical Centers the Medici

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500 000 patients are treated by doctors who use upmedic
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