Make sure doctors in your healthcare facility are fully productive
upmedic allows doctors to be more productive by eliminating the necessity to type on keyboard. Our analysis of typical workflow of a radiologist indicated that most of the time radiologists spend on writing long texts containing repetitive phrases. Some radiologists cope with this problem by copy-pasting pre-saved portions of text from self-created templates stored on their computer but they risk pasting phrases that are not related in any way to the imagery the currently describe. Database of upmedic's templates contains many short phrases categorized into sections, subsections, concepts and properties. This innovative approach makes sure doctors control quality of reports they create and they do not have to retype anything – saving a lot of time and effort. Our documents are fully digital, so they can be exchanged easily between people interested in having access to them: registration, technicians, radiologists, GPs. What is even more beneficial thanks to the telemedicine: we can receive a lot of information about patients' observations without requiring them to visit our healthcare facility.