500 k patients and hundreds of hours spent on discussions with doctors – this is the foundation we build upmedic systems upon
Control satisfaction of your patients and quality of medical documentation
Our systems speed up the process of creating medical documentation starting at the stage of patient interview! Our innovative survey mechanism allows for filling in surveys remotely before medical examination – we do not have to spend time on this during examination. Medical imagery is automatically transferred to the radiologists and waits for radiological report that is created easily using our structured radiological reports editor. Thanks to the reporting templates, most of report's content can be generated using pre-defined phrases what makes doctors more productive.
At upmedic we value feedback and we want our customers to have the possibility to receive it from their patients. After finishing all tasks related to a medical service both patient and the GP are requested to fill in satisfaction and document quality surveys that allow facility's management to react when critical opinions are received.
42nd Congress of the Polish Medical Society of Radiology
We had the opportunity to present our methods of optimization of radiological workflow at 42nd Congress of the Polish Medical Society of Radiology in Gdańsk during our presentation in session "Informatics in Medicine": "Computer-aided structured radiological report generation as a way to increase productivity and report quality"

Bring patient satisfaction to a whole new level

templates upmedic
Specify scope of an examination precisely
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Gather information from patients and doctors at each stage of medical service
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Send results of examinations without requiring patients to visit the facility and gather opinion about your services
Create medical documentation up to 3 times faster using upmedic systems